Daniel Hall Presents...
How to Build a Big, Responsive List and Make More Sales Using an Almost Magic Toolbox of Free (and Freemium) Resources!


From: Daniel Hall

Re: IF you are tired of watching others make big bucks online while you make little or NOTHING - you're in the right place!  
Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,
Did you know...

There are plenty of ways to get your ONLINE business up, running and GROWING using free (or mostly free) tools! I have been doing this myself AND teaching my students how to do this for YEARS!

Here's something you ned to know about me… I don’t focus on Internet business fads and I especially don’t teach people short lived marketing tactics.

In fact, the ONE thing my industry considers me an ‘expert’ about is… 

… teaching new and seasoned home based business owners to build their businesses FAST, on a bootstrap budget and do it while leveraging free to low cost resources that elite Internet marketers having been secretly been utilizing profitably (without telling you).
Did you know you should never pay to launch a product on ANY JV or Affiliate Network or Product Market Place?

- It’s really not necessary!
Or, deal with hassling chargebacks or credit card processing headaches? 

- Typically, the industry is infected with ramped refunds and chargebacks that could make your business unstable at best.
Or, start pre-launch buzz before you’ve begun to build your fan base?

- This one idea alone could save you countless weeks of frustration.
Or, and most importantly; blowing your budget on complicated lead and traffic getting strategies, when there is a process that will allow you to leverage free traffic getting methods? 
Let me ask you this… 

If money were no object, would you want to learn the secrets top product creators and Internet Marketers have acquired from me to make more sales, more often and without fail… all while bootstrapping the whole process? 

Then, read this letter NOW because you are about to learn how to get the profit from your online business that you deserve!
You don't have to spend tons of money to build your business. This super pack will teach you some of my favorite free resources AND how to use them to build your business!
Bootstrap Business Super Pack!
How to Grow Your Business With Free Resources
Here's Everything You're Getting...
How to Build a Responsive Email List of Buyers
A small list of 9,244 readers was leveraged to earn over $18,031 in sales in just 2 weeks time! An even smaller list of about 1,020 readers was leveraged into $7,830 in sales in just over 5 days! You can learn how to create the same and even better results.

But first, you need your own email list to build your audience. 

And, really... there is no excuse not to have your own email list because with these resources you can get started for free!

I'll show you what to use and how to get started using it!
How to Get ALL the Graphics You Will Ever Need (Without Spending Any Money)
Many of my clients and students have asked, so I want to teach how I go about getting the graphics and images I use in my business and you will need in your business. 

Whether it's social media posts, banner images, presentations, blog graphics, Pinterest/Twitter/Tumblr graphics, Kindle books, business cards, posters or even your LinkedIn and Facebook posts... 

You're going to need lots and lots of graphics.

You'll learn how to do them yourself for free - and get the graphics you need even if you're not a graphic artist (without having to buy any expensive software or training!)
How to Setup a Product in JVZoo So it Actually Sells and Attracts Affiliates
This is another series of lessons you have been asking for... how to properly setup a product in JVZoo.

JVZoo is a digital marketplace where product vendors sell and internet marketers can become affiliates to promote these products. 

It's perfect for anyone who creates information products because you get instant access to thousands of potential affiliate partners.

They provide a ton of video training, so we're going to cover the best practices they don't cover to get your product in JVZoo and selling quickly!
13 Killer Traffic Strategies You Can Start Today!
Having a great offer means nothing without quality traffic. 

It may seem counter-intuitive to you but you can use PowerPoint/ Keynote or even Google Slides or Open Office Presentation (both free) to drive traffic and build your list free.

But it's true, and I'll show you 7 specific ways to do this!

I'm also going to show you 6 Quick Free Traffic Strategies from my private vault. You'll love these because they are quick - and free!
How To Make Profitable Info-Products FREE Using ____________!
Why the blank? Because I'll tell you about this remarkable free tool inside the training!

This is another one of those unique trainings where, once I show you how I do it, you'll wonder why you never thought of it - regardless of your product, niche or subject matter!

I'll show you how to leverage this tool to create profitable info-products free, and then also how to sell your own or affiliate products using the same tool.

This one will blow your mind!
You're Getting 36 Total Lessons With Some of My Best Tips, Tactics and Secrets on Bootstrapping Your Business With Free (and Freemium) Tools and Resources!
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Bonus #1: Five (5) Little Known ZERO Cost Tools Every Digital Publisher Should Be Using
The idea that you have to spend money to make money is really a false one. Here’s the reason why. There is a business model out there, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, which is called the Freemium business model. That’s a word. That’s a combination of free and premium. If you really think about that, that’s the best of 2 worlds, right?

Over the years, I’ve been a little bit of a cheapskate. Anytime I’m doing marketing, if there’s some way that I can find a tool that gets the job done that doesn’t cost anything, I’ll gravitate toward that.

Over the years, just one after another after another, I’ll go and check out these various tools, kick the tires, and I’m always blown away at how many incredible freemium tools are out there that we can use. What we’re talking about today is really just taking advantage of something, and changing our mindset a little bit so that we don’t blow all of our money on our marketing.
Bonus #2: 3-D Product Shot Cover Creator Software!
Adding a photorealistic cover image to your website, banner, article, or print ad will attract more attention to your product and will bring more customers and sales to your business.

This is a cool little software tool that allows you to create 3-D product shots for your books, ebooks and software box images. 

Unfortunately it is only available for PC users. (Sorry Mac folks.)

You get this as an instant download in your members area!
Bonus #3: Zero Cost Marketing Secrets With Special Guest Dan Hollings

YES... there's a yellow brick road to proven zero-cost marketing success and it starts with this "Zero Cost Marketing" course. 

 • If you are a Small Business Owner, Startup or Entrepreneur... this is for you. 
 • If you're a Marketer, Affiliate Marketer or Marketing Consultant... you'll love this!
 • If you want to market literally ANY product or service... get ready to take some serious notes.
 • Got a book, info-product, event, or ????? Want to maximize your profits? Look no further.

Dan Hollings, has personally invested countless months researching, testing and compiling everything he knows about running a business for ZERO and marketing for ZERO. This is not theory, this is not hype; this is pure reality. Get ready to take notes!
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